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Three decades ago, Gunjur was a beacon of food production in western Gambia. The products from the farms across the village were used to feed families in Gunjur and beyond. Yet today, it barely produces half the food its residents consume. If this case was limited to Gunjur only, one could estimate the extent of the problem. Sadly, the fate of Gunjur is replicated across the country. What led to this shuddery situation? Well, in our attempt to fathom the root cause of the problem we realized that many people have shied away and many more are shying away from the noble profession – agriculture. This problem is met by an ever-dwindling land resource and tenure systems that restrict accessibility to land for agriculture. Scarier is the fact that there is little effort being made to curb this problem. As young people who grew up in families whose major source of income was farming, we realized that the need to engage and get others engage in agriculture has never been greater. Our ground-breaking approach to address the highlighted problem is GamFruits. We want to defy the conventional way (where a group people sit in their offices and tell farmers what to do) of tackling the problem. Rather than just sitting at the comfort of our offices and tell farmers what and what not to do, or merely talk to people to engage in agriculture, we are immersing ourselves into agriculture. Our modus operandi as we embark on this journey is, in the words of Esther Armah “do what you can with what you have where you are”. With a team that comprises computer science specialist, businessmen and economists who are experienced farmers, we are ready to defy the odds and save the future from hunger.


About GamFruits

GamFruits is an initiative that seeks to improve food security in the Gambia through farming. Starting from Gunjur, a home to most of the members, the initiative is planning to establish an unprecedented modern fruit farm. A farm that will be a hub for farmers to discuss matters that affect them in their daily farm practices. A farm that will be the center for outdoor learning on agriculture. A farm that will be the source of accurate, reliable and up to date information on best farm practices. A farm that will be the go-to place for healthy, nutritious and affordable fruits. We chose to grow fruits, especially ones that grow from trees, because they greatly help in supplementing food shortages. Fruits are also needed to supplement the components necessary for a balanced and healthy diet. However, the availability of fruits is often hampered by seasonal changes. With farms that produce fruits all-year-round, this bottleneck will drastically reduce. Our understanding of the nature of agriculture in the country have triggered our judgement to devise a concise strategy, and with this, we hope to champion the change to be the fruit basket of The Gambia in decades to come. We have come a long way and we will not relent until food security is a reality.


Benefits to the Community

Hub for farmers: Farmers face a lot of problems in their daily activities. From financial setbacks to pest infestation, they suffer. Yet, collectively, they can support each other and solve even the most daring problems. The first step towards gaining support from each other is talk about the issues that haunt them. However, farmers don’t have platforms to engage in conversations about what affect them in their daily farm practices. One of GamFruits’ aims is to provide farmers an avenue to talk about their problems and how best they can work together to bring their problems to the barest minimum. We also wish to provide farmers with inputs to help them improve their productivity
Center for outdoor learning: Agriculture is a core subject in most schools in the country. However, the way in which it is taught makes a little difference in the agricultural sector. Agriculture is usually taught abstractly all around the country, and despite the fact that most schools have farms, they make very little use of them to draw the connection between what’s taught in class and its application. Schools without farms are worst off. GamFruits is aiming at providing schools with the opportunity to teach students agriculture practically. We believe that with the necessary support students will understand agriculture much better and be encouraged to engage in agriculture-related ventures.
Source of accurate, reliable and up-to-date information: For farmers to make informed decisions, it is imperative that they have accurate information on best farm practices. GamFruits aims to make this information available to farmers as and when needed. Often times, there is credible information from NGO’s, agricultural ministry and other sources, but this information is under-utilized because it does not reach the targeted users(farmers) at the right time. GamFruits aims to bridge this gap through direct contact with the farmers and/or using modern technology. Through this, we also hope to inspire other fruit farmers to adopt best methods of production such as organic farming to enable them to supply healthy fruits.
Go-to place for healthy, nutritious and affordable fruits: The demand for fruits is high, yet, they are limited in supply. Due to this, the prices of fruits have sky-rocketed over time leaving consumers at the mercy of few sellers. In some cases, the fruits provided are not fit for consumption because they’ve been produced through “fast-track”. This involves the use of chemicals to speed up the growth and the maturity of the fruits. The result of this is fruits which contain chemical that are detrimental to people’s health. With GamFruits, we hope to adopt organic means of production that will yield fruits that are healthy and nutritious. Above all, we want to sell these fruits at prices that will be affordable taking into consideration the health benefits and the palatability they provide to the consumers.


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Members Needed
Partners Needed
Lives to Reach

Members Needed

GamFruits is looking out for people who are determined to end hunger through farming. Whether you are a high school or university graduate or not, you can join the initiative. All that counts for us is your willingness and commitment to see a change in food security in The Gambia. Joining the initiative has numerous benefits: first you get the chance to join a group of change-makers whose zeal to redefine farming in The Gambia is ever increasing. Second you will have a fair share of the financial gains and indeed other gains from the farm.Join now!

Partners Needed

In order to make a greater impact, GamFruits aims to collaborate with other institutions or organizations who are impacting lives. If you believe that our story and mission is similar to yours, join us in our quest to make food security a reality. As partners, we hope to solicit your support. We will do our part accordingly by featuring your organization on our website. Partner with us as we embark on this daunting yet incredible journey.Contact us today and let’s start this incredible journey together.

Lives To Impact

Within the first ten years after commencement, we hope to reach every household in Gunjur with our healthy and nutritious fruits. We also hope to create 100 decent paying job for farmers, sellers and indeed most people in the agriculture value chain. With our outdoor learning sessions, we will partner with all the schools in Gunjur and start reaching out to neighboring villages. The hub will help about 500 farmers gain support from each other. The information we provide will reach 1000 farmers in Gunjur and beyond. Hence we can confidently say that ten years after inception, we would have impacted close to 20000 lives.


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Support Us

Our journey began with a simple slogan “do what you can with what you have where you are”, and now we are on the verge of launching an unprecedented farm in the village of Gunjur. Now more than ever we need the support of all and sundry to finish the job. Donate today to support the initiative. As a humble gesture to acknowledge your support, we will write your name on GamFruits donor list board that will be positioned at the entrance of the farm. Also, anytime time life directs you to Gambia, Gunjur or GamFruits all you need to do is contact us, and we will be waiting for you with a nicely packaged GamFruits product. Those fruits you will happily consume knowing that you were at the forefront of the initiative.


Gunjur Village, Kombo South District, West Coast Region

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